Problems & Issues Logging in

There are times when our subscribers, like ourselves might have trouble logging in to our “Online Edition”. There are many possibilities for not being able to log in and we are going to list a few below along with some remedies to try to get you logged in.

1. Internet access could be down either temporarily due to what could be line improvements or an accidental disruption of cabling. Even our office connection could be down for one of these reasons. Yet our server (website and online edition) would not be because they are cloud based.
2. Problems with Wifi
3. Mistyping user/password combo
4. Issues with computer
5. Safari has known incompatibility issues, but not a problem if Mac users use Chrome or Firefox browsers. Also make sure your computer OS and Browsers are up-to-date.


How to Resolve a Login Issue:

1. Ensure that you are using Google Chrome or Firefox browser.
2. Check to see if your Wifi and Internet service is working.
3. Power the computer off and then turn back on.
4. See if you can access the current issue of Trading Journal online. If you can’t access either Trading Journal website or online edition, then obviously there is a problem with the Internet or Wifi service. If you can access our site but its loading an older version of our online edition, this means the browser is loading an old issue from memory and you will need to clear the memory cache.

5. Here is how to clear your memory cache in Google Chrome:
Go to the very top right of the browser and click the 3 dots that are in vertical alignment….this maybe different on a Mac.
Click on “More Tools” in the Chrome Browser.
Click on “Clear Browsing Data”

You want to check and clear ONLY the following:
Browsing history
Download history
Cookies and other site data
Cached images and files

Now, turn the computer back off and repeat the above login steps. This will fix the loading from memory problem. 

Now restart your computer and you should have no problems loading our current online issue.

Trading Journal has gone to great lengths to make sure our server is always up and running by a recent move to a cloud server. Yet as we have explained there are many reasons why a computer might have troubles logging in, which we have outlined here along with steps to overcome any issues.